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Your Professional

House Sitter Service


Our All Safe Home Watch service is like a professional house sitter, designed to provide you peace of mind while you are away; giving you the freedom to tend to other important tasks at hand. 


With each visit to your property, our home watch service will include the following:

  • Survey the exterior of your home
  • Monitor for landscaping/plow service performance
  • Monitor for storm damage to roof, siding, gutters, etc.
  • Look for visible signs of vandalism
  • Check to ensure outdoor furniture is secure
  • Collect leaflets, newspapers and mail and place in home
  • Ensure trash and recycling containers are secured


  • Observe and report visible signs of water at ceilings, walls, doors, etc.
  • Observe and report signs of water leaks at bathrooms, kitchen,  utility rooms, etc.
  • Flush toilets, exercise faucets, showers, etc
  • Operate built-in dishwasher(s)
  • Check refrigerator/freezer
  • Ensure doors and windows are secured
  • Observe and report apparaent signs of intruders and/or pests
  • Manually operate sump pump
  • Check electrical circuit breakers to ensure all set as directed
  • Check heating/air conditioning is set to desired temperature and operational
  • Observe obvious and apparent signs of mold or mildew in living spaces
  • Check phone lines for dial tone

Additional Services

  • Start and Idle vehicle(s)
  • Manage emergency response with trades people
  • Water plants
  • Include other outbuildings for inspection
  • Maintenance home inspection
  • Wood destroying insect inspection
  • Radon gas measurement

Think of us as your professional house sitter, without the overnight stay.  Our home watch service is designed to give you peace of mind and comfort in knowing your property is being professionally monitored through regular personal visits. 


Every All Safe Home Watch visit to your home is supported by a written report, complete with digital photos, inside and out of the property. You can expect reports to arrive via email within 24 hours of our visit to your home. 


If you have additional needs not listed here, please call or email us,chances are we can help.

Serving Buffalo, NY and all of Western New York since 1991