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All Safe Home Watch is a service offered by Specsure Property Inspections, a full service professional home inspection company based in Buffalo, New York and serving all of Western New York since 1991.


Our All Safe Home Watch service is like a house sitter without the overnight stay, dedicated to providing you with peace of mind while you are away from home for short or extended periods of time.

Rest Easy


You can rest easy knowing our professional inspectors are experienced in residential property inspections; trained to spot things that can and do go wrong and have the necessary resources to react accordingly.


Regular Visits


Through regular visits to your property, our All Safe Home Watch service will monitor all of the major systems in the house that keep you and your property safe and secure.  Whether you live in the city of Buffalo, New York or any of the surrounding counties of Western New York, we will watch your home for changes including unwanted activity and uninvited intruders,  If a malfunction or emergency should occur, our team of professionals are there to assist you in the management of the crisis and return your property back to normal.  You can think of us as your professional house sitter.


Worry Free


So, don't worry about that next winter storm or power outage, entrust your home to the team of professionals who have the skills and resources to react and keep your home secure.


You will no longer need to rely on friends or relatives to be your house sitter and check on your home when they get a chance.  Through our regularly scheduled, yet purposely staggered, visits to your property we will give you comfort and peace of mind in knowing your home is being properly cared for, thus giving you the opportunity to tend to other activities while you are away.



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Serving Buffalo, NY and all of Western New York since 1991